Saturday, July 5, 2014

A farewell party for us!

 After a day of bag packing (and repacking) this happened...

Big thank yous to Judi for coordinating and to Terry for hosting!!

Parts of Kwa Iddi and beyond - what we see most days

Scenes taken from the car window as we drove up our street this morning, and then a bit further on from our house.

 bodaboda drivers waiting for fares

 the lady who cooks vitumbu of a morning, washing up after close of business

 charcoal seller's establishment & street dog


rice shop

 the Mama P Hotel where we buy our sodas

 hardware store

 bit of everything shop

 metal fundi

 shop for all your mobile phone needs

 phone vouchers

 another bit of everything shop

 a family who we know - Oliver has been passing on his clothes the the kids when they are too small for him

Past our house now.

 hair salon/barber

 sewing fundi

 men hanging around and playing pool

a venue to watch the World Cup

Friday, July 4, 2014

Scenes from the school house - our last day

Oliver having an early morning chat with Midnight before everyone arrives at school.

Hanging out with friends at morning tea time.

Time to feed all the school pets.

The incredible plaque Stephanie had made and unveiled at our farewell speeches.

Lunch with the parents.

Oliver saying goodbye.

A final chat with Midnight and Chui once everyone had left for the day - they were less than interested.