Sunday, June 15, 2014

Surprise party

On Friday night I truly was surprised.
And humbled.
Andrew and Katie organised a surprise party for me, at Katie's house.
Martha took lots of photos.

 everyone hid in a  small room and waited for my arrival - well done!

 Rachel, Katie and Stephanie

 Sarah, Kara, Maddie and Lauren

 William, Matilda and Christopher

 Martha and Katie

 Judi and I

 Tim and Jennifer

 Heidi and Justine

 Ronnan and Liz

one of the most extraordinary cakes I have ever had

 Oliver and I

 Micah and Oliver

 Hein, Rene, Mary, Terry and Katie

 Andrew and David


 Maddie, Oliver and Micah

 Katie, me and Rene

me and Martha

Thank you dear friends. You are all so generous and precious. 

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