Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My mother-in-law reminded me this morning, via email, that the family had not seen any photos of the girls in the recent production of Othello.
Dutifully I have gone through the images on my camera and selected a number.
... the play is essentially about love, betrayal and jealousy, set alongside discrimination, hatred and fear.
Putting on a play where a black man is discriminated against for falling in love with a white woman, has its obvious limitations in a school setting in Arusha...
... as a result of research, and in an effort to show this play is just as relevant today, as it was 500 years ago, we have set our production of Othello in post 9/11 America. We have presented Othello as a Muslim who is discriminated against... (from the blurb in the program)

 Lauren is in the orange turban, a (dancing) Taliban fighter

 Maddie playing the role of Lodovico

It was a great night out watching the production. Always fun to see Shakespeare with a modern day twist, and some dancing and singing thrown in.

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