Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A meal with Vitalis and Paskalina

Tonight we went out for dinner with Paskalina, Vitalis and their family.
We ate nyama choma (BBQ meat) at the Sakina Bar.

chicken, goat and bananas with chili sauce

Lauren & Enesta

Valentine & Oliver

Ceclia, me & Paskalina

The Sakina Bar is a really popular place to eat, and at the moment even more so with the World Cup showing.

We have worked with Paskalina for 2 years now and have valued her friendship, advice and enjoyed many laughs together. We will miss her.

And Vitalis has organised and driven us on many safaris.
If you are looking for an inside contact to plan a safari or Kili climb, Vitalis is your man - message me and I will pass on his contact details.

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  1. How do you find eating goat? I always think it has a very odd taste although I love the thought of chilli and banana!