Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday lunch - nyama choma & soccer (football)

Tanzanians LOVE soccer. Usually TVs and radios are tuned into the Premier League.
Now it is the World Cup creating a lot of interest.
I posted this cartoon from The Citizen on Facebook recently: 

At the start of the World Cup there was this article published about tips to surviving the World Cup. My favourite paragraph:
Try out the World Cup hair stylesAfter or during the World Cup, new hair styles usually come up and this time will be no different. If you go to Nyamirambo, Nyabugogo, Remera, you might find weird hair styles but don’t get spooked out, just remember this is what comes with the World Cup fever. Hair styles might include Christiano’s “swoop of destiny,” Michael Essien’s “patch of grass,” Mario Balotelli’s “happy trail” and Ghanian Vorsah Isaac’s “Sisqo.”
You can give them a try-no harm in that.
BTW - at the moment (June, 2014) Tanzania is 113th in FIFA's world ranking.

Today we ate nyama choma (roasted meat) and chips at the 2i Pub at Moshono. 
And of course a game (Chile vs Brazil) was showing.

 Susannah & Alex - returning to the UK on Wednesday

 watching a smallish screen

hand washing the Tanzanian way

 the 'bear' was an interesting addition to lunch

Matilda creating her own entertainment


Boda-boda (or bodaboda) is a bicycle or motorcycle taxi, originally in East Africa (from English border-border). The name originated from a need to transport people across the "no-mans-land" between the border posts without the paperwork involved with using motor vehicles crossing the international border. (Wikipedia)

Andrew has caught a bodaboda from one end of Arusha to the other once when he was in a hurry. A somewhat scary experience in the traffic.

We have never let Oliver on one, but this weekend he has caught two, both on fairly quiet roads.

Below are Andrew and Oliver arriving home after getting a lift from the end of our street.


Yesterday I went to Melinda's Place, in Machame, for lunch.
Very different to what is readily available in Arusha. I had an antipasto plate - the first time in a couple of years.

Here are some obligatory food shots.

 Justine, Katie, Judi, Anna (and Maddie in the background)

After lunch Maddie noticed that Kilimanjaro was clear - all the clouds from the morning had disappeared.
I took a walk down the road to have a good look.

Magnificent sunflowers in bloom, and a magnificent mountain on show.

the view from the gardens of the restaurant

Scenes from the school house this week

This week week we held our end of (school) year presentation evening. The children performed and were given certificates and prizes.

We ate dinner outside afterwards, enjoying the view of Mt Meru in the background.

And here is a photo of Midnight, just because she is very sweet. Midnight loves to join the children, sitting on the mat with them during class time.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wandering around town

I spent today wandering around the little shops found around the main bus stand in Arusha with Katie, Martha and Anna. (Anna has just arrived in Arusha on Thursday to join the Maternity Africa team.)

 "Mama, mama... look inside my shop."

The fabric and dress shops are such a riot of colour.

We then walked across to the area of town where a lot of Maasai men sell rough Tanzanite, produced from under their shukas.

We found a large group around some tables, but as we approached for a closer look a fight broke out, so we quickly walked away.

 mural - men's suit for sale

gutter shot

I enjoyed the time very much.

It was only marred at the beginning of our wander, when two drunk men latched onto us and would not leave us alone. They became quite abusive when we eventually told them to go away. It is the first time in two years I have heard the f word spoken by a Tanzanian (although I am sure it happens quite a bit), and the first time it has ever been yelled at me on the street.