Tuesday, May 6, 2014

International Day of the Midwife

Yesterday was International Day of the Midwife.

It was the perfect day to organise for the students to visit Selian Hospital and have a tour (we have been talking about hospitals/doctors/nurses etc).

Katie letting us and the other school groups know what we will be seeing

I was very impressed with Selian's wheelchairs. Oliver was desperate to try one out.

There were some amazing 'only in Africa' moments during our visit.

The children were ushered into a clinic for pregnant mothers and babies by Sister Flora, who moved all the mothers out of the way so our little ones could sit down.
No-one complained. All the mothers just did as they were told. And then sat and listened to what Sister Flora was telling the children.
A pregnant lady was called upon to stand in front of the children so they could see her 'bump', and a set of twins were proudly displayed as their mother sat shyly to the side.
Sister Flora certainly had everyone organised.

We all squeezed into a small room, along with many mothers and their babies, so we could watch how immunisations are given.
One of our preschool children burst into tears - she thought she was going to have to have an injection too.

 Andrew and Oliver watched from outside the window

We saw Dr Jonny again (who visited our school last week) and he artfully avoided some of the "How does the baby get inside the mummy?" and "How does the baby actually come out?" questions.

It was such a great visit to the hospital, for the children and the adults.
Katie did a great job organising the day (there were other visitors and speakers as the day progressed) - we even had cake and sodas after our tour!

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant visit and not one the kids will forget in a hurry! Bravo!