Monday, April 14, 2014


If you have ever driven around Arusha you will have seen wachoraji (painters and sign writers) and their artwork on salons (saloons) and shops.
One of visitors, Lucy, gave me the idea of getting something done as a souvenir of our time in Tanzania. I went for a family portrait.

There has been a lot of laughter this afternoon when I brought it home. 
It is memorable.
I wasn't allowed to show the whole thing - the younger members of the family vetoed that.

Andrew thinks I look like I need a shave.

nomino (noun)
Definition: mtu anayechora picha au taswira
Example: Michelangelo alikuwa mchoraji mashuhuri.


  1. First one looks a bit like Andrew, but it is hard to recognize Jenny - with the facial 5 o'clock shadow and shmooshed smile/nose. I REALLY want to see the rest! LOL Great idea, though! What fun!

  2. what a brilliant idea! Bet that gives brings some laughs and good family memories in the future! Amazing to think you're now in your last months there.