Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tengeru Markets

Yesterday Martha and I headed out to Tengeru Markets to shop for hiking boots and suitable clothing for climbing tall mountains - needed by our girls, not us.

It is possible to find great bargains at Tengeru. The markets are cheaper than those in town.

The front of the markets are all under plastic. Crowded and humid. I could feel the sweat rolling down my back.

You need lots of energy/patience/humour to stay and haggle.

So many clothes and shoes to sort through.

charcoal iron being used by a fundi

coat hangers to accentuate the desired woman's shape

 we found beanies for 2,000/- a piece

After walking through the plastic covered area one emerges into a more open spaces, and housewares and manchester for sale.

We found a shop at the back of the markets that made the best (we were told) chips, and so stopped to buy some. They were quite good.

 think of the burns this man gets every day with hot oil spitting out onto his feet!!

Emerging from the covered stalls back onto the road that runs through Tengeru there is a lot of fresh produce to be bought.


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  1. Very reminiscent of the Landau Market in Pakistan for clothing and shoes and the food market in Lautoka Fiji. Love the chip seller's set up as well... ingenious.