Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nick & Heidi

Yesterday we drove out the the Kiserian area in the Longido District with Nick & Heidi. They are with YWAM here and are working with the Maasai in this area.

I have found where we went on Google maps (I think).

After leaving our van at Engikaret, we all piled into a safari vehicle to drive further into the bush.
Nick and Hailey caught a ride on a pikipiki (motorbike) as the car was full.

 Nick in the distance on the bike

Amazingly, he spotted a baby leopard tortoise on the road as we were driving along, and stopped to pick it up. The little creature kept the kids amused for hours - especially Hannah.

 Maddie, Hannah, Heidi & Nolan with the tortoise

At Kiserian Nick met with local Maasai and some officials from Arusha about the building of a school in the area, while we waited and were given tea.

 Heidi & Nolan

 meeting taking place

Maasai women waiting for lessons to begin

hot chai - a very sweet, smokey drink

We joined Nick as he taught an English speaking lesson, and his colleague Eliah as he taught a Swahili reading & writing lesson.

 the old church building now used as a classroom for the language lessons

 the new church building used for lessons during the week

Andrew and I were able to give the students a solar light each. Thank you again to friends who made this possible. 

wating to use the toilet - built by Nick for those who don't like to pee behind a tree

random photo of a dead bird our driver clipped in place on his windscreen??

After the lessons we went to the local pastor's boma to have lunch.

 the gates to the boma - last week a leopard rushed in as the thorn gate was removed early in the morning and snatched a goat

a view of Mt Meru driving from Kiserian to Engikaret

It was a great day. Such a privilege to see the work that friends are doing here in Tanzania.

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  1. such incredible photos, once again i'm blown away by where you are and what you're doing