Sunday, April 13, 2014

Napuru Waterfall

This week we walked to some waterfalls at the base of Mt Meru, starting out at Olgilai.
It cost us (wazungu) 7,000/- to walk the trail.

From Evaline's family home it was a 2.5km walk to the forest area.

 Paskalina, Evaline, Oliver & Valentine (Paskalina's son)

Oliver found a chameleon crossing the road on the way.

 walking through the forest

The climb (slide) down to the river was HARD. My legs were complete jelly, and all I could think: I've got to climb back up this!!

 a very steep descent down to the river

walking along the river

At one point, just before the waterfalls, we came to a very large rock that needed to be climbed. 
It was here I bowed out. 
I could just imagine myself slipping and having to be carried back up the muddy slope with broken bones.

 Oliver & George (Evaline's brother) climbing up behind the waterfalls

When we emerged from the forest afterwards the sun had come out.

We headed back down the hillside to have lunch at Evaline's house.

Maddie and Lauren stayed at home.
Maddie knew how hard the walk was - she did it last year in the rain.

Two days later and I am still in pain! My legs ache. Beautiful but not a leisurely walk at all.


  1. Hi!

    My name is Ingela and I work at L'oasis Lodge in Arusha.
    I was visitng Napuru Water in Ausgust 2015.
    i am doing a file for our gest on things that is possible to while they are staying in Arusha. i do have a lot off nice pictures but I dont have the first oicture on the shop that we paid for the visit and nnot the second photo with the name on Napuru.
    Is it ok if I borrow some of you pictures? (and off course not the ones where it is possible to look on the faces.

    Ingela Lamqvist /L'Oasis Lodge