Tuesday, April 15, 2014

End of our last school holidays in Tanzania...

On Saturday we headed out to Maji Moto for a picnic and a swim with the Boyes.
It was a great way to end the school holidays (for us that is - the girls still have another week of slothfulness).
The water is so blue.
The fish that nibble on you a little disconcerting.

 Oliver hooking the rope swing to use

 small one of me to prove I did actually go in - this was after I slipped over in the mud whilst trying to make a graceful entry into the water

 Oliver jumping in from a tree - proud of my boy's bravery

There were a group of Americans who kept us all amused for a long time by stringing hammocks across the waterhole and then attempting to get into them.
Extreme chilling.

Below are a few pictures from the drive back to the main road.

 the road's surface at one stage

 half finished building - a feature of Tanzanian life

a storm brewing

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  1. I find it truely amazing that you have been living here for two whole years. The kids must have Africa embedded in their hearts!