Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tengeru Markets

Yesterday Martha and I headed out to Tengeru Markets to shop for hiking boots and suitable clothing for climbing tall mountains - needed by our girls, not us.

It is possible to find great bargains at Tengeru. The markets are cheaper than those in town.

The front of the markets are all under plastic. Crowded and humid. I could feel the sweat rolling down my back.

You need lots of energy/patience/humour to stay and haggle.

So many clothes and shoes to sort through.

charcoal iron being used by a fundi

coat hangers to accentuate the desired woman's shape

 we found beanies for 2,000/- a piece

After walking through the plastic covered area one emerges into a more open spaces, and housewares and manchester for sale.

We found a shop at the back of the markets that made the best (we were told) chips, and so stopped to buy some. They were quite good.

 think of the burns this man gets every day with hot oil spitting out onto his feet!!

Emerging from the covered stalls back onto the road that runs through Tengeru there is a lot of fresh produce to be bought.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter long weekend

Friday was so wet. I think it rained solidly for 24 hours - as it had done for Thursday, and then did for Saturday.

We spent the morning melting cooking chocolate, mixing it with Rice Bubbles/Rice Crispies, and filling Hello Kitty plastic eggs with the gooey mixture.

I found the Hello Kitty eggs in a supermarket in Njiro and thought they would be perfect molds for Easter eggs.
We are still cleaning up the chocolate in the kitchen.

On Sunday we were delighted to see that Katie's new baby, Matilda, came to church.
Matilda is still being cared for by a baby home until all the paper work goes through for her adoption, but they rang Katie to ask would she like to collect her for Sunday morning.

Today we had brunch at the Blue Heron.
It was a lovely time sitting with friends in the sunshine, and enjoying a very generous buffet. So. Much. Food.


 Jeremy & Happy

 Andrew & Jonny

Kara & Lauren

This afternoon Katie's house turned into a salon as we hired some local men to come and give pedicures.
I still find it unusual that it is the men who do all the manicure/pedicures here in Tanzania.

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. xx

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scenes from the school house this week

We were shown how Swedish children dress on Easter Saturday, and talked about how they visit houses asking for candy in exchange for pictures of chickens etc.
 The Easter bunny visited.
 We have two new students :)
 And Tiny the tortoise visited for 'news' and spent the day walking around desks
... and having structures made for him outside.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

End of our last school holidays in Tanzania...

On Saturday we headed out to Maji Moto for a picnic and a swim with the Boyes.
It was a great way to end the school holidays (for us that is - the girls still have another week of slothfulness).
The water is so blue.
The fish that nibble on you a little disconcerting.

 Oliver hooking the rope swing to use

 small one of me to prove I did actually go in - this was after I slipped over in the mud whilst trying to make a graceful entry into the water

 Oliver jumping in from a tree - proud of my boy's bravery

There were a group of Americans who kept us all amused for a long time by stringing hammocks across the waterhole and then attempting to get into them.
Extreme chilling.

Below are a few pictures from the drive back to the main road.

 the road's surface at one stage

 half finished building - a feature of Tanzanian life

a storm brewing