Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seeing in the new year

We spent two night in the west Kilimanjaro area at Simba Farm over New Year's Eve and the new year.
Katie organised the adventure, and we went with her cousin David and his family, Daphne (working in Ethiopia but here for a holiday/work), and Elaina (a doctor working here in Arusha).

eucalypt trees on the approach to the farm

 stunning views

a chapel that has recently been restored for a wedding on the property

 relaxing out the back of the house

Katie, David and Maya

 Kilimanjaro from the backyard

We had no electricity whilst staying there. A little bit like indoor camping.

And there were so many beautiful sunflowers in vases throughout the house.


  1. Such stunning photos! And the Indie camping looks like good fun. You can see how hot it is from the photos!

  2. I've been hanging out for these photos. With no electricity I'm glad you managed to take some while your batteries were still charged.

    1. I had to get most from Katie. I took a few on my phone, but then turn it off to safe power!! I really can't live without electricity.