Saturday, January 25, 2014

This week

This week we have be talking about Leonardo Da Vinci.
 portraits of Da Vinci enhanced with candle wax and then coffee

busyness in the playground

Andrew helped Upendo make pilipili - extremely hot chili that makes everyone cough and have to leave the building.

This term we are learning about simple machines.
 looking at how a lever works

We visited a friend's workshop to look at some examples of simple machines, and also enjoyed looking at the very large semi-trailer truck on site.

 Don demonstrating a pulley (above) and an air compressor (below)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you

For those of you who remember my post about the d.light, and sent some money...

We began by giving some lights to the people we see and work with every day. These are some of the guards from the school house and our place.

Today we visited a couple of families who live in our street and gave them some lights. They all live in 4 small rooms (4 adults & 7 children) with no electricity or water. They were very surprised and kindly invited us in for coffee.

I haven't taken photos of everyone we have given a light to so far as it hasn't always been appropriate.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last couple of days with Mum

Mum spent some time at the school house listening to children read (and photographing us).

Dinner with the Brownings.

Lunch at Shanga with Martha.

Mum getting more craft ideas looking around the Shanga workshop

I felt like getting on the plane with Mum on Friday morning... :(

Monday, January 13, 2014

Safari with Mum

This afternoon we arrived home from a 4 day safari to Tarangire National Park with mum. 
In the nine years she lived in Tanzania she never went out to see the animals.

setting out

Mum with an elephant's skull at the entrance to the park


Maasai giraffe

 a very fortunate sighting of a leopard

 lions feasting on a buffalo

 the females and babies waiting for their turn of the carcass

 elephants... hundreds and hundreds of elephants

picnic at Silale Swamp

 shenanigans in the safari car

mum takes her first selfie

views from the Tarangire Safari Lodge

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scenes from the school house this week

We cooked a local meal during Swahili lessons - machalari. It is made by the Chaga tribe from the Kilimanjaro region, and the main ingredient is bananas.
 grating the coconut

 washing and chopping the vegetables

peeling the bananas

cooking on the charcoal stove

This half term we are talking about simple machines. This week - inclined planes (or ramps).

 creating ramps for marbles to race down

Oliver renewed his love for the sandpit.