Saturday, December 14, 2013


Here are two little girls on a holiday in Pangani, sometime in the 70s.

 nice floatie Philly!

On Monday we are driving down to the coast.
Four nights, staying in Pangani.
Yay! The beach!

We have been told it will take us anything from 7 to 11 hours (hopefully the former, although with our van it will probably more like the latter).

What do I remember about Pangani all those years ago?
* an ocean full of coconuts
* staying in a sea captain's house (and finding some playing cards with naked ladies on the back of them)
* the cliff and climb down from the house to the sea
* the wind rattling the windows (shutters?) during the night
* playing with the children who lived out the back

To be sure there will be lots of photos to follow of our adventure.

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