Sunday, December 22, 2013

Maziwe Island

While we were in Pangani we took a trip to Maziwe Island, about 10km off the coast.

 climbing aboard a dhow from Ushongo beach

Maziwe Island "used to be an important site for nesting turtles, and harboured mangrove forests and causarina trees, but it was partly submerged in 1978-1979 due to erosion resulting mainly from clearance of the island's vegetation cover. Today, the highlight is snorkeling and diving off the offshore reefs...  Over 200 species of fish, 35 genera of coral (soft and hard) and a number of sea-grasses, algae and sponges are found in and around the reserve."

We spent a few hours lolling around in the water...


taking respite from the sun under a shelter...

walking around the perimeter...

and watching crabs.

 a view of the island as we were leaving

Oliver having a short go at using the outboard motor - before his mother snapped at him to leave it alone as she was suffering from a sudden feeling of seasickness

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