Saturday, December 21, 2013

Arusha to Pangani

We left our place at 5am on Monday morning to begin our journey to the coast, meeting the Boye family at Tengeru on the way.
The view of Kilimanjaro in the early morning light was amazing.

looking back at Mt Kilimanjaro after driving through Moshi

After Moshi we turned towards the coast. The Pare Mountains (pronounced Pahray) were on our left for a good deal of the time as we drove.

sisal plantations at the foot of the Northern Pare Mountains

We stopped at Same (pronounced Sarmay) for a late breakfast. From here on we were treated to views of the Northern Pare Mountains.

The road was quite good. There were some road works in places, and little towns where we needed to slow down to a speed of 30km/hr - we did get a speeding fine in one town!

And there were the ridiculously fast buses that kept passing us, and running us off the road.

Geoff being stalked by an impatient, speeding bus

Eventually we turned off the sealed road and headed towards Pangani. An hour of dirt roads ahead.

us being run off the road by another speeding bus

our first view of the Indian Ocean at Boza

 some of the many resort/lodge/camping ground signs when in Pangani

We were heading to Ushongo Beach and so needed to cross a river by ferry to get there.

Matilda, Martha, Kara, Maddie, Lauren, Micah & Oliver (hiding behind)

 Pangani on the other side of the river

It was another 20 minutes of dirt road before we reached our destination.

We eventually arrived at The Tides around 4.30pm.
Such a relief.

 cold coconut drinks on arrival

ahhhh... the water

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