Monday, December 23, 2013

A few more pics from our holiday last week

Local fishermen on Ushongo beach.

Strolling along the beach.

Seaweed at low tide.

Kayaking at dawn.

Checking out the lodge's shop.

Martha & Kara

Catching the ferry to the other side of the river again. Time to go home.

Local village life.

Dust - a trip wouldn't be complete without it.

Crazy traffic.

 double-decker Suzuki

 another way to transport your goat

more speeding buses

A surprising find - a large restaurant/cafe/rest stop, complete with a 'Bourne Identity' movie showing on TVs around the walls and Christmas carols playing outside. It could have been a McDonalds stop if in Australia (minus the movie).

Geoff fixing one of our tyres, Tanzanian style.

Jack fruit for sale. They are huge.


  1. Jenny, did you kayak too? I love these photos. Pretty special that your children will have childhood memories of going there like you did.

    1. Absolutely no kayaking for me Amanda!! Absolutely not.