Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shopping with Evaline

Today I went shopping with Evaline (she is one of my work colleagues).
We went into the area of town around the bus stand.

 a shop where we stopped to look at a variety of Swahili fabrics

We went in search of soft, cotton Maasai fabric (below), and Evaline did some bargaining for me. She is from the Maasai tribe herself.
I wish I had taken some photos inside the shop we bought from. It was small but packed with fabrics of blues, reds and purples. It was also stocked with seed beads of all colours. As we stood in the shop looking around there were Maasai buying too, all in their full garb.

After we had finished our fabric shopping we walked through the bus stand, constantly getting shouted at to board a bus to Babati... Tabora... Mwanza...

Evaline found a couple of nail fundis between the buses for us to have our toenails painted.

 mamas in the background brewing chai

 sitting under a tree at the salon

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