Sunday, November 17, 2013


Yesterday we went to ISM, Arusha Campus, for an inter-school athletics carnival.
Maddie was competing in the high jump again.

Braeburn did very well in the relay events.

 Kara running in her relay event

 Braeburn were the overall winners of the carnival

Maddie with her first place medal

After the carnival we headed over to TGT for the annual Christmas Fair, and spent a lovely afternoon shopping and sitting with the Boyes enjoying the evening sunshine (although I am rather sun burnt today).

 Lauren & Kara with fancy cupcakes

 Matilda, Micah & Oliver

the boys were very pleased as they found a fireworks stall and bought a stash of 'throw-downs' and mini rockets

Lauren, Kara & Anna


  1. Looks like a fun day out! Well done Maddie!!

  2. Great photos. Zac wanted to know why Maddie was jumping over that (explanation of high jumping given). Great work Madster.
    Lauren - looking good, love the pants!
    I love that Oliver is getting to experience fireworks as we did when we were kids :)

    1. I know what you mean about the fireworks. He is so excited about lighting them!