Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Early morning walk with Katie #2

This morning we walked from our house and then down along the Arusha/Nairobi road towards Ngaramtoni.

 Mt Meru from just outside our gate - hard to see here but there has been snow on the peak this week

 Valentine Grocery, specialising in all sorts of beer

 two rather large turkeys wandering around in there

 local bricks

 mobile shop, not yet open

 heading back to our street corner

 early morning daladalas on our street corner

 women cooking vitumbu - a bit blurry as it was taken quickly in secret

two dogs who we have watched out for ever since moving to Kwa Iddi - always pleased to see they are still alive


  1. What time do you leave? There doesn't seem to be that many people around.

    1. We get up at 6am to walk - just as the rest of Arusha seems to come awake too.