Friday, October 18, 2013

Walking around the TPC sugar mill

Both evenings we walked around the sugar mill looking at what was going on. 
The photos are a mix of the two walks.

On the Tuesday night Andrew and I heard loud cheering and went to investigate.
There were many people watching a soccer game. Andrew estimated a couple of thousand.

The sugar mill produces a third of Tanzania's sugar, and has been operating since 1936. I found the following article online which gave us some information about the size of the business:

TPC currently produces 800,000 tons of cane per annum. This is processed on-site to produce 375 tonnes of sugar per day, or 85,000 tonnes per year. 
TPC Limited is the biggest company and the largest employer in the Kilimanjaro region - 2000 people are employed on-site.
The energy for their processes, including irrigation and domestic consumption, is derived on-site from the combustion of bagasse, a sugar cane by-product, to create a clean, renewable energy source. TPC is able to supply all the villages on the estate as well as those on the perimeter and still has a little excess to offer to the national grid.

 both peaks of Kilimanjaro (Kibo & Mawenzi) were on show

we could see Mt Meru from the plantation

 irrigation lock

 waiting for a sugarcane train to pass

Terry & Tim

Credit for some of the photos (the good ones!) go to Peter and Terry.


  1. How cool that's it's energy source is a sugar by-product.

    1. I know. We were impressed by that.