Friday, October 18, 2013

Rip Sticks

Ricky brought his rip sticks away with him this week. 
Oliver, Lauren and Peter learnt how to use them.

I must say they make me nervous. 
Those single wheels that rotate 360°. 
The whole contraption able to twist in the middle. 
I was not even able to get anywhere near to standing on one.

However, the nonchalance (or fearlessness) of youth meant that they were very successful in their efforts.

Oliver was confident and was on-board immediately.

Ricky showed us how it is done.

Lauren persevered and was propelling herself around the tennis court before long.

thanks Peter for the photos and video

How to ride a rip stick instructions.


  1. I love that you've included instructions for all those people who are going to run out and buy one for themselves. You've saved them a lot of googling.

    1. Those instructions are especially for you Amanda. I knew you would be rushing out to buy one now.