Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend with friends

Over the past week I got to know Katie's sister, Caroline, who came up to Arusha to have a holiday with Katie. She even came out with Katie and I on our runs, and coached us through our Saturday morning 'long run' - very helpful for me who had really hit a wall!

And this weekend we have had the Creans come down from Nairobi and stay with us. 

It has been a busy but fun 4 days with a house full - almost like we are on holidays again.

 Lauren & Pete coaching Oliver through his homework

Dinner at TGT on Friday night.

Shopping at Tengeru markets.

 Katie & Caroline

 Liz, Shirley & Sharon

Lunch at Lake Duluti Lodge.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

This week Magdalena taught us how to order food (properly) at a restaurant in Swahili lessons.

I was given a headpiece to wear, as a guest of honour in the restaurant - I'm sure it was done to provide amusement for the rest of the staff.

 enjoying chai moto and mahindi freshi

This week we had our first sports day, and invited the parents to watch. Stephanie organised t-shirts and caps for the houses.

 look how dry the playground has become at the end of the dry season

the final scoreboard

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rip Sticks

Ricky brought his rip sticks away with him this week. 
Oliver, Lauren and Peter learnt how to use them.

I must say they make me nervous. 
Those single wheels that rotate 360°. 
The whole contraption able to twist in the middle. 
I was not even able to get anywhere near to standing on one.

However, the nonchalance (or fearlessness) of youth meant that they were very successful in their efforts.

Oliver was confident and was on-board immediately.

Ricky showed us how it is done.

Lauren persevered and was propelling herself around the tennis court before long.

thanks Peter for the photos and video

How to ride a rip stick instructions.

Walking around the TPC sugar mill

Both evenings we walked around the sugar mill looking at what was going on. 
The photos are a mix of the two walks.

On the Tuesday night Andrew and I heard loud cheering and went to investigate.
There were many people watching a soccer game. Andrew estimated a couple of thousand.

The sugar mill produces a third of Tanzania's sugar, and has been operating since 1936. I found the following article online which gave us some information about the size of the business:

TPC currently produces 800,000 tons of cane per annum. This is processed on-site to produce 375 tonnes of sugar per day, or 85,000 tonnes per year. 
TPC Limited is the biggest company and the largest employer in the Kilimanjaro region - 2000 people are employed on-site.
The energy for their processes, including irrigation and domestic consumption, is derived on-site from the combustion of bagasse, a sugar cane by-product, to create a clean, renewable energy source. TPC is able to supply all the villages on the estate as well as those on the perimeter and still has a little excess to offer to the national grid.

 both peaks of Kilimanjaro (Kibo & Mawenzi) were on show

we could see Mt Meru from the plantation

 irrigation lock

 waiting for a sugarcane train to pass

Terry & Tim

Credit for some of the photos (the good ones!) go to Peter and Terry.