Saturday, September 7, 2013

Running and riding

Katie and I ran in our first fun run today after beginning our training a bit over 3 months ago (we are training for the Kilimanjaro half marathon next March). Unfortunately we got the time wrong, and arrived at the start line after everyone had already set out. Undeterred we began anyway.

a couple of local sights on the way

The t-shirt colour had us well camouflaged in the cornfields.

On our arrival at the finish line - which no-one witnessed - we found Oliver all ready for the bike race he had entered, and that William had already competed in his.

Oliver had great fun, and came eighth in his age group. A very good effort with his very heavy, old bike.

The day was organised by Rotary, and was raising money for children who need heart operations.

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  1. Go you. Go Oliver. This has been my most favourite post ever!