Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kilimamoto or Snake Crater

Yesterday we went on a walk up a very steep hill to look at a hidden treasure. Don took us.
It is located just off the Arusha\Nairobi road, just past Ngaramtoni.

 the view on the way up

At the top of the hill we got such a big surprise. There was a huge volcanic crater, known as Snake Crater.

The views were amazing.

As with anywhere you stop in Tanzania, children appear from nowhere to look at the wazungu.
Don had brought a bag of lollies (candy) to hand out for such an occasion.

a church at the bottom of the hill

Don asked a group of children the name of the hill when we returned to the car (Kilimamoto, as on the church - mountain of fire) and they said that the crater had last shown signs of volcanic life in 1977.

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