Monday, September 30, 2013

Debbie & Dexter's wedding

Last weekend we had the privilege of going to Nairobi for a wedding.

We also had the privilege of staying with the Creans. Sharon and Pete (New Zealanders/Aussies) are working in Kenya with Afrilift.

they cooked a magnificent dinner on our arrival

the view from the Crean's balcony in daylight - I loved the garden opposite

On Saturday we headed over to Parklands Baptist Church for Dexter and Debbie's wedding. We know Dexter from Australia... and now he has married a Kenyan. Small world.

 Dexter & Andrew catch up before the service

We were also delighted to see Kepu, Lyn and Kara again. Also friends from Australia. Kepu was best man.

 Andrew & Kepu


 Debbie is escorted down the aisle by her parents

The reception was held at the Safari Park Hotel.

the bride and groom enter

 Lyn & Kara

 Kepu enjoying the evening's dancing

Kepu, Kara & Celina

getting ready to cut the cake

After the wedding we went back to the Crean's place, and then headed out to enjoy the bright lights of a shopping centre... and some 'fast food'.

Lauren, Andrew & Maddie at Java House

Lauren & Liz at Planet Yoghurt

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  1. Great photos and videos of the wedding.

    How good did that apartment's balcony look with that garden. Imagine how gorgeous it would have looked if they all did the same thing.