Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tarangire National Park

I thought we were staying at Tarangire for a night, but was pleasantly surprised on arrival that somewhere in the fog of last term I had booked for two nights!! 

Day 1 - arrival in the park

Each time I have been on safari I have seen something new. This time we saw a herd of wildebeest walking into a waterhole to drink. It was a truly amazing sight.


 David talking to Jess about her fantastic results in a writing competition

 waterbuck near the lodge

We stayed at the Tarangire Safari Lodge. One of my most favourite places.

Maddie & Oliver outside their bungalow

looking towards the lounge

the path to the tents

Out for another drive after checking in and a swim.

leopard - very well camouflaged


sundowners before dinner

It was at this point I believe something bit my left heel, as I had taken my shoes off. Alas I didn't feel it until the evening wore on. Some of you have been lucky enough to see my foot and leg the next day - not a pretty sight.

Day 2

view from the tent as I woke (in discomfort with aforementioned foot & leg)


Everyone went out on a long drive around the park. I stayed at the lodge with my leg up and read for the day. Photo credits now go to Andrew.


family shot

family with Vitalis

As I was back at the lodge I was able to nab a prime position for day 2's sundowners.

Oliver looking at one of the lodge's displays

leaving to drive home 


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  2. Hi Mrs Pocknoll! It's Anna from Ryde P.S. I watched a Japanese program where the Japanese people went to the places you have been to and are now; Tanzania, Arusha. They also went to Serengeti National Park and saw the birth of a baby bison. We all miss you back in Australia at Ryde! By the way I fractured my elbow during acrobatics.