Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shanga with Sylvia & David

Yesterday we visited Shanga and had a tour of the work being done there with Sylvia & David.

 ground glass beads

 stained glass windows made to order

glass is cut to size for the windows

 glass off-cuts all over the ground

 a window drying after the spaces have been filled with a mixture of sand & cement

 Oliver in the gift shop

 comparing Australian & Tanzania notes (money)


  1. Can you take home any of the cutoffs?

  2. Thank you Jenny for your reply back on my blog!! I know your life must be so busy & different in Tanzania, I am sorry to even bother you. I just was afraid I was going to miss your reply because on your blog I didn't see the option to "click here to have follow up comments come to email". So are you the same Jenny from Australia that I used to speak with online that made me my handbag?!!

    I love what you said about the muslim children in your school learning scripture! that is so wonderful.

    I also wanted to tell you that I just got a note from worldvision (I assume a lot of sponsors get this) that asked me to apply to be a child ambassador so I did apply and have a phone interview next Sunday. I am very excited about seeing if God desires to use me to help worldvision/sponsorship more and more.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!! Again, I will try to come back here to remember to check if you've replied - otherwise I hope u will reply on my blog or by email. my email is just randi rooks at hotmail . Thank you!! :)
    Randi :)