Thursday, August 15, 2013

More shopping, Selian Hospital & more eating

I have been extremely happy with the amount of shopping Sylvia and David have been prepared to do. It has meant that I have been into shops for an extensive browse (something my immediate family is not so happy to do), and I have been into some shops never visited before. All I can say is that there is lots of great stuff coming home for the grandchildren!!

 travelling into town

 buying t-shirts

 the view of Kilombero markets from the Shoprite complex

 time for a coffee before hitting some more shops

 beautiful Maasai jewellry

This afternoon Katie gave Sylvia, David and I a tour of the maternity and fistula sections of Selian Hospital.

 Katie with a new born 


Katie is working with Andrew Browning to help train mid-wives here in Arusha. She is also my running partner!

 a view of the hospital's grounds

Dinner was eaten at Khan's BBQ tonight - a must stop location for all visitors.

Home now and playing Bananagrams again.

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  1. Oh gosh Jenny, very touched at the sight of the ICU room