Saturday, August 3, 2013

Arusha, Moshi, and in between...

Yesterday we drove to Moshi for something to do. The weather has been fairly miserable, and although it is the dry season it has either been overcast, drizzling with rain and windy, so we needed to get out.

heading out of Arusha

around Moshi

Outside of Moshi there was a lot of grain drying out on plastic sheeting. I'm not sure whether it is for seed, or for human consumption - there were people walking over it as they passed by so I am assuming it is for seed.

The corn in the fields is all dried out and yellow now.

There are many trucks with 'DANGER' painted on them, warning all of the perils of traveling between Arusha and Moshi (please excuse our filthy windscreen obscuring my photos somewhat).
Above: the danger being the buses that are insistent on passing everyone despite oncoming traffic.
Below: was the danger the petrol actually leaking out of the large hole in the back of the tanker?


  1. So much of it reminds me if Pakistan, especially the roadside stalls!!

    1. I can imagine that Pakistan is very similar!!