Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

We began the new school year with 20 students - 15 more than this time last year. It has been a busy (and challenging) week sorting out who is going to teach what.
It has also been a lot of fun having so many more children running around at morning tea and lunch time.

 learning how to make fire

 transferring the fire to the cooking stones

 roasting mahindi (corn)
eating the roasted corn 

Swahili story time

 water play

 lunch time

our new school rabbits - Tahlia and Cuddles

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This weekend

On Saturday morning we went to TGT for breakfast, and watched Australia play New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup :(

Lauren made Sylvia a cake for her birthday.

Today we went to the Mt Meru Hotel for lunch to celebrate Lauren's and Sylvia's birthdays.
Thanks Aunt Ruth for this treat!!

Tarangire National Park

I thought we were staying at Tarangire for a night, but was pleasantly surprised on arrival that somewhere in the fog of last term I had booked for two nights!! 

Day 1 - arrival in the park

Each time I have been on safari I have seen something new. This time we saw a herd of wildebeest walking into a waterhole to drink. It was a truly amazing sight.


 David talking to Jess about her fantastic results in a writing competition

 waterbuck near the lodge

We stayed at the Tarangire Safari Lodge. One of my most favourite places.

Maddie & Oliver outside their bungalow

looking towards the lounge

the path to the tents

Out for another drive after checking in and a swim.

leopard - very well camouflaged


sundowners before dinner

It was at this point I believe something bit my left heel, as I had taken my shoes off. Alas I didn't feel it until the evening wore on. Some of you have been lucky enough to see my foot and leg the next day - not a pretty sight.

Day 2

view from the tent as I woke (in discomfort with aforementioned foot & leg)


Everyone went out on a long drive around the park. I stayed at the lodge with my leg up and read for the day. Photo credits now go to Andrew.


family shot

family with Vitalis

As I was back at the lodge I was able to nab a prime position for day 2's sundowners.

Oliver looking at one of the lodge's displays

leaving to drive home