Saturday, July 13, 2013

Safari with the Sapsfords - day 3

Day 3 was filled with many excitements.
The post could be titled a) Hippos!, b) Big Cats, c) Close Encounters of the Elephant Kind, or d) Furry Friends.

But let's go back to our accommodation first.
We stayed at the Ikoma Tented Camp.

 view from our tent verandah

 the restaurant

lining up for a hearty cooked breakfast before the day begins

I have never seen so many hippos in all my life. The air was full of grunting noises and the swishing of tails through the water, with the occasional jostling for space.


 a river of hippo poo

 picnic ground near the hippo pool

another danger lurking in the river

There was a lot of controlled burning going on in the Serengeti to encourage new grass growth.

Thompson's gazelle

more hippos

Then we saw leopards!! Amazing. A mother with two cubs. I didn't actually see the mother, just her tail swishing above the grass.

 And then we came across lions. Lots of them. I think we saw about 20 altogether.

We even saw the stalking and taking down of a warthog. It was incredible to watch how the pride all knew what was going on, and continued a slow advance on the unsuspecting creature even though there were heaps of safari cars watching.

One of our cars had a very close encounter with a bull elephant that came so close to it that its tusks were inches away from the driver. Tom said he could have touched him.

Lunch was eaten at the Serengeti Visitors Centre, and we had lots of company. Lots of brash, furry hyrax.

 Ben with an elephant skull


A painting showing the work of those who maintain the Serengeti National Park.

The scavengers of the plains - Marabou stork and vultures.


  1. I've been following your blogs since I first discovered it accidentally quite some time back. Glad to hear you all are having so much fun. I work as a consultant for Rickshaw Travels here in Toronto, Canada. We have an office in Arusha, just behind Kibo Palace. Do drop in and say hi to Veronica and Deepak, who work tirelessly helping organize safaris for our clients.

    Enjoy and take care.

    Rickshaw Safaris

    1. Hi Naz. Thanks for reading. We saw a few Rickshaw safari cars out and about while in the Serengeti. Do you come to Tanzania ever? I know where the office is. I went and visited someone else who has a business behind the Kibo Palace last year - her brother had been reading my blog in Texas and asked me to drop in and say hello. I will drop in when I am next near there.
      Cheers, Jenny

  2. incredible! Scary to be up so close to a bull elephant.