Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scenes from the Chato crusade

Here are some photos of the crusade Andrew was a part of...

 the team semi-trailers that carry all the equipment from crusade to crusade

 unloading the stage

 hard manual work

 the generator that will power the crusade

 the drums being unloaded

 Egon Falk

Andrew, with interpreter Wilson on the microphone behind

 Andrew & Egon

 the team cooks
 fresh fish from Lake Victoria

Don beginning the drive to the next location

Sights when driving through Tanzania

Below are some of the truck (and bus) sights Andrew saw on his trip to Chato.

 unfortunately a common sight with deep gutters and speeding trucks

 I hope no one was on board at the time

 nice place to relax with a coffee and a book

every bit of carrying space used

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the shores of Lake Victoria

Below are some photos of scenes from Chato, on the shore of Lake Victoria, that Andrew returned with today.

 Don & Andrew sitting with some of the local children

 thousands of dagaa drying in the sun

 mending the fishing nets

marabou stork wading through the weeds

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sammy's birthday

This afternoon we spent a lovely afternoon celebrating a birthday at the Taylor's place, and meeting a new people who have just this week arrived in Arusha - Geoff & Martha and their children, and Alex & Susannah (all who will be working at Munguishi with Mike and Katie).

Lego birthday cake - such a great idea!

Oliver was very pleased to meet Micah who is his age, and the girls got to know Kara who will be in Lauren's grade at school.

party games

Stephanie & Martha

Simeon, Andrew & Geoff

Bella & Maddie