Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

One of the best surprises this week were some dress-up clothes that arrived from the children to play with. The boys loved being super heroes...
 and the girls loved the wigs (including the grown up girls!).
Stephanie made potato people with the little kids.

 play dough & sitting on the floor arranging the cushions
One of the boys decided that the off cuts from the laminating machine would make good glasses, so everyone was made a pair to wear in class, including Andrew.

Magdalena gave a lesson on money, and how to shop in mtumba (the second-hand) markets using the correct Swahili. Evaline was the shop owner.

 all the children with their mtumba purchases

a very happy and rich shop owner - no one really bargained very hard for their purchases
 making sandwiches for morning tea
playing shops in a tent that was recently given to us


  1. It's so lovely to see some of the fun things you're doing with the kids, how happy they are and how there is such a mix of cultures in the school.

  2. How fun! Bravo, Pocknall family! & happy birthday dear Jenny! Love Meg