Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

Lauren joined us on Monday morning (she was waiting for a flight out of Arusha for her school camp), and gave Oliver some 'hard' math questions to answer.

Magdalena made loshoro for us to try - a meal made of sour milk and maize; it is a staple food of the Maasai and Waarusha people, and is drunk rather than eaten. The milk is called mtindi poa (packaged), or sometimes 'sleepy milk' when it is left to ferment in a gourd for a few days.
 We began planting seeds in our new vegetable garden.

 more trampoline fun
 more birthday celebrations
fantastic paintings of Maasai by the preschoolers

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  1. In the background of the shot of Lauren, you can see a poster describing Uncle Andrew! Jess and Sophie both thought the picture was hysterical. Jess is reading the Magician's Nephew at the moment. Brownynne