Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Life City Church

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting our neighbours who live across the road from us - Egon and Hannah Falk.
Andrew had met them previously as he went on a crusade to Babati with Egon and his crew a few months ago, when Ian was staying with us.
Egon and Hannah have lived in Tanzania going on 30 years, and have lived in Kwa Iddi for over 20 years of that time. When they first moved here there was only Maasai bomas - theirs was the only house built in the area and had a view down to the Nairobi/Arusha highway.

Today we went to their church. A very large one located on our street.

At one point in the service the power went off and the musicians and church drummed and sang sans any microphones, speakers etc. It was wonderfully alive and fun.
Please excuse the quality of the video taken on my iPhone, I was facing rather large windows that made it hard to get a good image (you will spot Oliver joining in at the end):

Egon spoke in Swahili, so that meant it was difficult to follow completely what he was saying, although his Swahili is very clear - I find it very difficult to understand when natives speak as it is often too fast and full of colloquialisms. We did have an interpreter sitting a little away if we wanted to listen to the message in English.

Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed all the choirs and the preaching.

Egon reminds us of a Danish Phil Pringle.

walking home after church

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