Sunday, May 12, 2013

A new pet

A young boy just came to our gate offering to sell us a tortoise.
Andrew asked him where he found it. The answer was up the mountain, a long way up.

I paid 15,000 Tsh (about $10) for it (him?).

He was surprisingly fast on his feet when I set him down in our yard.

I know that I have saved him from being someone's dinner... but will now worry about him escaping onto the road when I am not watching.
I think we will take him up to the school house and ask the guards to build an enclosure for him.
8 hours later... we are calling him Victor ("One Foot in the Grave" reference there), despite not knowing what sex it actually is. And I have discovered that tortoises make a rather alarming noise when they don't want to be disturbed - this I discovered when I put him in the laundry for safe keeping overnight.


  1. What was he doing up the mountain????

    1. Living in the forest peacefully maybe? Until someone saw the chance to make some money!

  2. Well I hope he was born up there and didn't have to walk all the way.

  3. Maybe he was racing a hare.