Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Climbing Little Meru

Maddie returned this evening after climbing Little Meru. She said I could share a few of her photos.
There is an age restriction (16 yrs) if you want to climb to the summit, Socialist Peak, which is 4562m above sea level.

There are excellent views of Kilimanjaro from Little Meru.
Next year's camp she will be over there looking back at Meru.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

Lauren joined us on Monday morning (she was waiting for a flight out of Arusha for her school camp), and gave Oliver some 'hard' math questions to answer.

Magdalena made loshoro for us to try - a meal made of sour milk and maize; it is a staple food of the Maasai and Waarusha people, and is drunk rather than eaten. The milk is called mtindi poa (packaged), or sometimes 'sleepy milk' when it is left to ferment in a gourd for a few days.
 We began planting seeds in our new vegetable garden.

 more trampoline fun
 more birthday celebrations
fantastic paintings of Maasai by the preschoolers

New friend

I have a new friend named Katie, who has just moved to Arusha to work (as a midwife) with Andrew B.
She has just started a blog - Maternity Africa. So you can add it to your reading list!!

Katie and I have also vowed to get fit and go in the Kilimanjaro half marathon next March.
There. I've put it in writing... so no turning back now.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Driving along the TGT road  you are greeted with a beautiful sight at the moment. A field of colour.

Around the Arusha area flowers are grown to export to the Netherlands, France, UK, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
For this reason we can buy beautiful bouquets in town very cheaply (a definite plus for living in Arusha!).

New Life City Church

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting our neighbours who live across the road from us - Egon and Hannah Falk.
Andrew had met them previously as he went on a crusade to Babati with Egon and his crew a few months ago, when Ian was staying with us.
Egon and Hannah have lived in Tanzania going on 30 years, and have lived in Kwa Iddi for over 20 years of that time. When they first moved here there was only Maasai bomas - theirs was the only house built in the area and had a view down to the Nairobi/Arusha highway.

Today we went to their church. A very large one located on our street.

At one point in the service the power went off and the musicians and church drummed and sang sans any microphones, speakers etc. It was wonderfully alive and fun.
Please excuse the quality of the video taken on my iPhone, I was facing rather large windows that made it hard to get a good image (you will spot Oliver joining in at the end):

Egon spoke in Swahili, so that meant it was difficult to follow completely what he was saying, although his Swahili is very clear - I find it very difficult to understand when natives speak as it is often too fast and full of colloquialisms. We did have an interpreter sitting a little away if we wanted to listen to the message in English.

Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed all the choirs and the preaching.

Egon reminds us of a Danish Phil Pringle.

walking home after church

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

One of the big excitements for the week was the arrival and construction of some colourful playground equipment. Andrew spent half a day fitting it together - years of training with IKEA furniture has paid off.

science experiments

 reading time
 full table for lunch on Friday
The other great excitement for the children was the building of an enclosure for Victor. The children have loved watching him throughout the day, and he is the first stop when arriving at school, checking on what he is doing (often not much).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ahhhh... finally

Having my haircut was something I have been thinking about for a while, but it all seemed a little too hard.
However, after seeing some friends who recently had their hair done, I decided it wasn't an impossible task and it was time.
There are 3 hairdressers I have heard of in Arusha who cut mzungu hair.
Russell Davies Touch in Njiro was recommended by a few, and he (Russell) did a really good job.
How heavenly to have my hair done again.
Russell: Would you like it blow dried?
Russell: Can I use the flat irons?
Me: Yes!!

I took the girls with me too.
I had hacked into cut their hair a couple of times since moving to Africa, and it was time to have it evened up as well.

A new pet

A young boy just came to our gate offering to sell us a tortoise.
Andrew asked him where he found it. The answer was up the mountain, a long way up.

I paid 15,000 Tsh (about $10) for it (him?).

He was surprisingly fast on his feet when I set him down in our yard.

I know that I have saved him from being someone's dinner... but will now worry about him escaping onto the road when I am not watching.
I think we will take him up to the school house and ask the guards to build an enclosure for him.
8 hours later... we are calling him Victor ("One Foot in the Grave" reference there), despite not knowing what sex it actually is. And I have discovered that tortoises make a rather alarming noise when they don't want to be disturbed - this I discovered when I put him in the laundry for safe keeping overnight.

Scenes from the school house this week

 playing with Lego
 watching how a seed grows
 learning about Van Gogh

 celebrating a birthday
 our weekly visit to St Paul's School for English conversation classes

a scarecrow was made and placed in the backyard - part of a Swahili story Magdalena told

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Oliver has been WANTING to learn to ride a motorbike for a long time.
Last Saturday morning he went out to Per's place to try it for the first time. Needless to say... he loved it!
 Per instructing Oliver on what to do

 Heinie & Oliver
 Ricky and his bike
Paul, Oliver, Ricky & Heinie

Friday, May 3, 2013

Scenes from the school house this week

Just a few photos this week from our 'Friday Fun' afternoon, where we have some home schooling visitors come and play. I didn't take many photos this week - I think having a public holiday on Wednesday threw me.