Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jambo spice farm

We visited a spice farm - the Jambo spice farm. Not only were spices grown and sold, but lots of fruits as well.

The local houses have coral mixed into the mud to strengthen them.

Our guide, Hitabu, showing us turmeric.

Vanilla pods growing on vines.

lipstick fruit



coconut husks

We stopped at some local houses to watch how henna is mixed for painting. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how happy you were with your design) it was not very dark and out tattoos did not last very long.

henna tattoos

cinnamon trees (above & below)

cinnamon bark

custard apple

enjoying a fruit feast

Boys learn to climb coconut palms at 10 years of age. We were given a demonstration.

climbing a coconut tree

Oliver & William were not so successful

During the tour a young boy (Ali Baba) followed, constantly making things from banana and palm leaves.

palm hats & crowns were woven for us
drinking coconut juice

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  1. Wow, looks fantastic - love from the Dismorr's