Friday, March 8, 2013

Update on last post

Well it seems that if you are used to your water coming from a tap then you don't really cope with living with your water supply coming from a bucket for very long.
Yes, I admit I was rather desperate to have a flushing toilet again.
Stephanie rang Maji Safi and we had a tanker of clean water pumped into our tanks.
After a few hiccups with airlocks in the pipes we can access water from the inside of our house again.

There is a real struggle between living a comfortable life in Tanzania and being sensitive to the lives of those around us.
The cost of having a tanker of water delivered is about the monthly wage of one of our guards.
That is harsh.

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  1. Hi Mrs Pocknoll! It's Anna! The Selective Test has finished! The school house has really developed and I showed my mum some pictures from the blog and she was really envious! You have made many new friends!