Friday, March 29, 2013

Arusha to Zanzibar

Today we flew from Arusha to Zanzibar.
The flight took an hour and twenty minutes.
At first it was a bit bumpy, but as we rose above the clouds the trip smoothed out.

 Looking down on the coffee plantations near the Arusha airport.

The city of Arusha.
Tanzania - a patchwork of colours.

 The Tanzanian coast and the Indian Ocean.
 Hello Zanzibar... and Stone Town.

As we descended into Zanzibar we began to feel the heat (and the humidity).
The hotel had sent a (small) vehicle to collect us from the airport. I couldn't believe we all managed to fit inside with all the luggage!! 4 adults, and 5 kids (two of those actually adult size).
 Maddie's face says it all.

As soon as we arrived at Uroa Beach, on the opposite side of the island to Stone Town and the airport, the kids went straight for the pool.


Tamarind Beach Hotel

I think it is going to be a fabulous holiday.


  1. Hi Mrs Pocknoll it's Anna from SPAM 2012. My family is considering going overseas during the holidays to do sosme volunteer work.

    1. Hi Anna, it is lovely to hear from you. That is fantastic. What are they thinking of doing, and where?
      I hope you are having a great year at school. xx