Monday, March 4, 2013

A snapshot into life at the moment

Not a whinge at all.
Absolutely not.
Just an insight into day to day life.

We had big power cuts last week. Turns out TANESCO (the company that supplies power in Tanzania) owes a lot of money, and as a result some generators have been turned off.
The good news is I found some lanterns in town that run on solar power.
The shop is in Singh St, near to the corner of Sokoine Rd & opposite the CRDB bank, in case you are looking for something like this.
I have cable-tied the solar panels to our kitchen windows.

Andrew burning our rubbish (sorry environment). It is a toss up whether to take it into town and have it spread around there put in a central overflowing skip, or to burnt it and bury it here. The fun bit is that Andrew loves burning stuff.

The red bucket is our 'bath' and 'washing machine' this week. But we are very thankful for large blue container of water we have been able to get from the large rainwater tanks at the school house - most people in the area don't have that luxury.
When we moved here a fellow Australian said to us: the thing about living in Tanzania is that a lot of your time is spent in the process of living. So true.
Andrew reminded me that, when Stephanie asked us if we would be interested in coming, her description of living here was: think of it as camping out, albeit in a house.
Sorry if I haven't been the best at keeping in touch recently. At the end of a day all I want to do is sit.
One of the best things about this week is that the Internet is working really well!
(It runs on solar power too.)


  1. Wow, thanks for the snapshot, I'm not surprised that all you want to do is sit at the end of the day :)

  2. Love technology and solar power! Growing up we used to have a lot of power cuts too (in Pakistan) and the worst was in the middle of the night when you could hear a mozzie had got into the mozzie net round your bed and all you could do was sweat and wait to be bitten!

  3. Hi Jenny, I'm Janice a friend of your Mum and Dad's. I am so enjoying following your hardships and ministry in Tanzania. It reminds me of bringing up our children in Northern NSW. Our hardships were minor compared to yours, but still power cuts and dirty water when it rained. My daughter stood in the bath one night and said "Mum I can't see my feet", and the bath was only 6 inches deep. My nappies would come out streaked and brown. I was embarrassed to hang them on the clothes line. I firmly believe that it is a wonderful experience for your children. I loved at Christmastime when you enjoyed the shopping mall decorations and harkened back to the big stars at Top Ryde Shopping centre. One of my daughters had just sent me a picture of them.