Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The last game park we visited on our safari was Tarangire.

On entry to the park there were black and blue flags hanging from trees and regular intervals. Our driver explained they were to control tsetse fly. Tsetse flies are attracted to blue and black. The flags are impregnated with a pesticide to kill them.

Unfortunately most of us were wearing blue or black in some form and were constantly swatting the pesky flies away.

 Oliver spent most of the safari trying to photograph the rear ends of animals, with the triumphant shout of "butt shot" ringing out when he was successful.

 The permanent tents we stayed in at Tarangire Safari Lodge.

 The pool was a welcome relief after the heat of the day.

 Sundowners on the terrace.

 On the final day we set out to look around Tarangire before the sun rose. The moon was still up and was huge, casting a lot of light and allowing us to drive without any lights.
When the sun rose it was lovely to see it appear, silhouetting the baobabs.


 dwarf mongoose

 superb starling

 ground squirrel

There are over 3000 elephants in Tarangire National Park, so we were guaranteed many sightings.


 A pride of lions being chased away by some bull elephants.

 water buck

 The view from the lounge.

Lunch before setting out for home.

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