Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lake Manyara

The first game park we visited on our safari was Lake Manyara.
As with all parks where there are a lot of people stopping, there are a lot of baboons and monkeys hanging around the entrance.

 Olive baboon

 African elephant


 zebras in the heat haze

The highlight of Lake Manyara for me were the giraffe. I have SO MANY photos of them.
These are Maasai giraffe. The younger ones are lighter in colour, and the coat darkens as they get older. There were two old bulls who made quite a display of necking (fighting).

 weaver bird nest

 picnic lunch

By the end of the first day most of us were quite sun burnt from standing up in the safari car. The sun was brutal.

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  1. Such great photos! The elephants have totally rough skin haven't they. Loved the giraffes too + the markings on the zebra skin. Oh and Maddy & Lauren are looking beautiful!