Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guests and food

Last weekend we had two guests staying.
Jovan, one of Oliver's friends. And Lucy, a friend of a friend, from Australia.
(Lucy actually stayed with us for 6 days, not just the weekend.)

On Saturday night we went to a movie in Njiro, and then ate dinner there.

On Sunday we ate out after church.

And on Tuesday night we ate at Khan's BBQ place.

There's a pattern here. Actually, eating out is something we do often in Arusha with guests as there is not a lot else to do, and food is relatively cheap.

We had been wanting to experience Khan's for awhile, and having Lucy with us was a good excuse.

Khan's is a auto spare parts shop by day, and a restaurant by night. It is located in the middle of Arusha on Mosque Street. Their advertising reads, "chicken on the bonnet", and the food is delicious.

Thank you for coming to stay with us Lucy. We really enjoyed your company.

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