Monday, January 28, 2013

A visit to a Maasai boma

Instead of showing more photos of animals from our safari, here are some photos of a Maasai boma we visited in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
The boma (family group) open up their home to tourists as a way of generating money. One of the sons was our guide. His father is the chief of the boma and has 16 wives, and therefore a lot of sons, daughters and grandchildren living there.

We were encouraged to join in...

Oliver was so pleased with the Maasai warriors' sticks he bought himself one.

Inside the boma we were given a demonstration of how they make fire.

We also sat in a house - girls in one and boys in another - and talked about their construction and rooms.
The beds are made of cowhide, and there are 2 bedrooms if there are children - one for the mother (in case the father spends the night there), and one for the children.
All the cooking is also done inside making it very smokey.

At the centre of the boma is a corral where the livestock is kept at night.
It was festooned with beaded jewellery and wares for tourists to buy... and who can resist a pretty trinket (apparently Andrew and Stephen can!).


Outside the boma is a small school built for the children in the area. We were told half of it was funded by an English tourist who visited and saw a need for a school, and the government matched the other half of the cost. Some of the money spent by tourists visiting the boma goes towards the cost of running the school.

The students learn Swahili and English.

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  1. I'm amazed at how tall and thin the Maasai are and how they love tartans and checks!!