Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our first Christmas party on the other side of the world

Last night we went to Mirjam and Per's home for a Christmas celebration. They live in a part of Arusha called Olasiti, where Per has built a most beautiful house.

We enjoyed a time of singing Christmas carols.

I even tried to make a pavlova. Gail and Sylvia you would be proud. Of course I did inform everyone Gail that it is a traditional Australian dessert.
Unfortunately we had no luck getting cream in Arusha so I had to use ice cream instead.

Mirjam has lots of IKEA bits and pieces around her house - I was very pleased to see the star fairy lights as it reminded me of Christmas at my house in Australia.

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  1. Did you think of the sing-a-longs around at the Wisharts?