Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nairobi to Arusha

We caught a shuttle bus back to Arusha yesterday. Below are some photos taken whilst driving out of Nairobi.

Above: heading towards Namunga on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.
Below: colours of the Maasai wares for sale near the border.

Below: our bus being repacked after stopping at the border.

Crossing the border is a fascinating, if not long, process. There is a lot of lining up at windows with passports and paperwork on either side of course, and then the walk across no-man's land in between, and a lot of  Maasai women aggressively selling jewellery.
And photography is forbidden. There are signs saying so. I was surprised to see some very brash tourists with large cameras out snapping away outside the official buildings (on the Tanzanian side, I don't think they would have been silly enough to do so on the Kenyan side as there is a large police presence). I was waiting for some sort of trouble to come, but it didn't appear to. I snuck a couple from my iPhone, but of none of the buildings.
An upsetting side of the border is the number of beggars. It is always quandary of whether to give money or not. We do give money sometimes to people in need where we live, but the whole begging in public places has so many issues - pros and (mainly) cons.

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  1. Thinking of you all as you travel and as you celebrate your first Tanzanian Christmas. Lots of love to you all.