Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nairobi - Day 3

Today we caught a local bus into the city to have a look around.
Catching a local bus is all part of the cultural experience in Africa. We did find that it was all a bit more organised than Arusha, and that people weren't crammed in even though there is ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM- apparently in the last couple of weeks new fines have been introduced discouraging any overcrowding of vehicles.
However, the music was booming and it was airless enough as to not let us forget where we were.

We walked down Kenyatta Ave, and around near the International Conference Centre and parliament and tried to recognise places we had visited in the early 90s (and 80s for me), but the city has grown so much it was hard to see any similarities.
The Thorn Tree cafe was unrecognisable (below, middle photo).

After we had wandered the streets, and the kids began to complain, we headed into Uhuru Park and made use of the paddle boats there. Although is was a fun activity for the kids, I was disappointed to see the amount of drunk people lying around, and there was certainly a few unsavoury types about.

Tonight we had dinner with Sharon and Peter Crean, and their daughter Liz. The Creans have recently arrived back in Nairobi (from Australia) and are working with Afri-Lift.
We ate at an Ethiopian restaurant and it was delicious.

We had never eaten Ethiopian food before. Large platters arrived with different types of meats and vegetables which we ate with some spongy fermented bread. Oliver even tackled the egg sitting in the middle of the platter.

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  1. What an adventure! Love the Ethiopian food! We ate at an Eritraen restaurant in London ages ago and were served something remarkably similar. Did they serve you coffee poured through a teapot with straw stuffed down the spout and popcorn for dessert?